Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Fitted Black Tee + Black Jeans + Brown Boots

Remember when we had to have like everything Petite Bateau? I mean they were like so cheap when you bought them in France? I fell victim, too. But then a few years back I went through another phase where I went through my closet and threw away all of my beloved bateaus because I realized how gross and clingy they were and I never wanted to be caught dead in them ever again. See I favor a looser top these days. But then I just saw this picture today and I'm thinking that maybe it doesn't have to be entirely awful. I think the pants can't be outright skinny jeans. There's got to be some give. I think if you wear all black, you're always working with a slim silhouette, so you're pretty much golden anyway. Plus, I love what she did here with the brown shoes. Such a great way to play with shapes. Plus, loving this new blog!

(photo: courtesy of Trop Rouge)

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