Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's all about the Duffel

So for quite a while now everyone has been about the clutch. After years of shlepping around quite possibly the biggest bag EVER, I've embraced the idea of a smaller satchel that I can swing under my arm and carry between my fingers in a pinch. I can consolidate what I carry with me (which means it's that much less devastating when I lose it) and just look a little more chic when I stand up straighter. Now instead of clutches, apparently the editors in Paris have reverted themselves back to the utilitarian duffel. I'll admit it, it's totally chic. And it's designed by Sofia Coppola no less. But, it's still a leather duffel. It's got a top handle so you don't have to look like you're lugging, and it does fit everything you need, but it's that weekender vibe that apparently everyone is quite into. Can you get behind what's bound to be the next trend in handbags?

(photo: courtesy of Style.com)

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