Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brian Atwood Goes Low

I'll admit it, I am obsessed with watching The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo. But, that said, it's not like I get my fashion ideas from the show. It's just fun to watch and see the fantasy of celebrity fashion. Sure, it's easy to lust after the pieces you see on the show, but it's always WAY out of any young woman's price range. But, get this: Brian Atwood, RZ's fave shoe designer, just announced that he'll be doing a lower-priced line for fall thanks to Jones Apparel Group. What does it mean for us? The same glitz and glamour that we thought was out of reach may just be coming closer than ever. Expect leg-elongating nude patent pumps, towering platforms, and some seductive knee-high boots. It's not exactly the red carpet, but it's bringing fashion a few steps closer to the rest of us, and making a great designer more accessible than ever. My take? It's about time. 

(photo: courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue)

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