Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What to Wear: Scarves + Necklaces

I think it's always interesting the see the way designers actually dress. Sure, they can put together designs on models or in photos, but can they actually dress themselves? I may not always love Tory Burch's clothes (though I will admit that I was one of the original devotees to her Reva flats), but I do happen to think she pulls herself together quite nicely. She always mixes the greatest textures together in ways you would have never expected and the result is always flawless style. On the cover of Town & Country's September issue, Tory wears a great fall look, pairing a thick ikat print scarf (one of my staples) with a long, chunky turquoise necklace. Usually, I would think that you should choose one, the necklace or the scarf. But seeing Tory in the look makes me realize you can--and should--do both. She totally nails the look and makes me want to pile on the accessories, knowing just how chic it can be. The more the merrier!

(photo: courtesy of Town & Country)

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