Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Putting It All Together

In the past few years, J. Crew has done an amazing job getting our attention. Their creative director, Jenna Lyons, has cornered the market on preppy glam. But when I'm not trying to figure out what I want from their catalog, I am busy looking at how they've styled the models in it. The two things that I've noticed most are the way they layer and the way they mix. It's not unusual to see a model wearing not one but two shirts, a coat over a denim jacket, or a chunky knit over a cardigan. They make you think about texture, too. Look at the way this model wears two of fall's best trends, plaids and metallics, and marries them into one look. It's unusual but it works. Take a look at your closet and have another look...

(photo: courtesy of J. Crew)

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