Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thigh High

Like I've said before, I love getting style ideas from browsing sites online, Shopbop being my absolute fave. I'm always thinking of different pieces I can add to my look to shake things up or designs that I'd love to try out. Last year I saw a fashionable streetstyle photo of a girl on the street wearing thigh-high socks with a skirt. At first I imagined Britney Spears singing 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' in her knee highs. But then I took another look. I LOVED the way it looked. Now, perusing Shopbop, I see some styling incorporating these thigh-highs. In the thicker knits they're far less trashy looking and they could add some nice depth to the sweater dresses that I am sure I'll be wearing through winter. I'll be on the hunt for a charcoal, thick knit pair and frankly, I can't wait to try out the look. Who would've thought that I'd get such a great idea from a simple image, but that's why it pays to pay attention!

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