Thursday, August 19, 2010


As part of my morning ritual when I sit down at my computer, I like to peruse But Mondays and Wednesdays are extra special, because those are the days when new inventory gets added to Net-a-Porter. Though I rarely buy from them, I like to virtual window shop. My favorite part, (aside from swooning at the high-priced designer finds), is seeing how the site's stylists have put together each look. Not only do they show each item of clothing on a model, but they style it with other clothes and accessories available on the site, through a "looks good with" type of feature. I'm always impressed by how they'll put a sleeveless blouse over a long-sleeved button down, pair different patterns or textures together in unexpected ways, or even add a bright pop of color in a place I never would have imagined. The basis for this outfit is a leather mini skirt from L'Agence. It's paired with a matte long-sleeved blouse, which you know I love, but the long, draped, flannel looking top is what caught my eye. I never would have worn it over the other grey blouse, but leaving it open, it hangs like a vest, and adds another dimension to the look. I'm not buying the outfit, but I've certainly walked away with some ideas. Now if only I didn't have to wait until next Monday for more...

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