Monday, August 16, 2010

The Magic of Makeup

I was reading Teen Vogue the other day (no, I'm not embarrassed to admit it), and came across a piece where their Style Blogger took a trip to the Chanel Resort show in Saint Tropez. He was hanging out with a Chanel Ambassador and It Girl Poppy Delevingne, who was explaining how her childhood was spent lusting after her grandmother's treasure trove of Chanel. Not exactly relatable. But she did give a great piece of advice to Teen Vogue readers who weren't quite ready to begin acquiring Chanel's timeless styles. She said to start by collecting pieces of their makeup line, even their nail polishes, which are packaged beautifully with their iconic interlocking C logo. She had a point. Even just putting these few small pieces atop your dresser or placing them in a beautiful tray as decoration is an easy way to start experiencing the legendary style that is Chanel. It may not be the fashion you're looking for, but this little tip made big sense, and pinpointed an easy and affordable way to access your own small dose of high fashion glamour. 

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