Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Girls Gone Prep

Going to school back east, I would say I became fairly well versed in all things preppy. Burberry scarves? Check. Lilly Pulitzer prints? Check. Vera Bradley quilted bags? I even own one. So when I first read The Official Preppy Handbook, I knew exactly what the author was talking about. With a follow-up, True Prep, set to be released in a few short weeks, I realized I was ready to revisit my college years--maybe even bring some of that East Coast sensibility to my left coast look. Popped collars aren't exactly my thing, but Steven Alan did have a great button-down this season with an anchor print that had just the right amount of prep. There's really no place for me to wear madras, but J. Crew happens to have a metallic Sperry Topsider that has my name on it. I can't go head-to-toe, but I can incorporate these little hints to remind myself of that special time back in college. To find your own inspiration, make sure to check out this new book, and while you're at it, revisit the old classic, too.

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