Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

There are times when I walk through a department store or a boutique and feel like I know everything. I can eye a print from a mile away, tell you who designed it, and why it's being paired with a certain brand of denim. And then there are times when I'm reminded that I don't know a damn thing. This street style photo is definitely the latter. You always look for jackets that hang perfectly so, draped ever so delicately atop your favorite dress or pants so that they're peaking out from underneath. Never would I even try to play with proportions the way this street style subject has. By leaving the jacket open, she's almost tricking the eye, showing just how much can be done by reinventing the conventional way we pair different layers and lengths. Time to reconsider the ankle-length jacket?
(photo: courtesy of vanessajackman.blogspot.com)

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