Monday, September 12, 2011

Those Silk Print Pants in Action

So you know those pants I was talking about....those pants that every chic Parisian was wearing. Well here you go. Here they are executed just about perfectly. I think I love the hat because I could never pull one off and I love the way that even though she paired hers with a sweatshirt-type design, it looks like anything but pajamas. It's got a relaxed vibe while still being uber fashionable, dressed up with stylish accessories like a ladylike handbag and some well thought out heels. The sweatshirt is casually half tucked in to give it a relaxed but still not too casual look while still looking put together. I am telling you, I really do love this look and this is giving me a great idea of how to do it well.

(photo: courtesy of Fashion Toast)

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