Thursday, September 15, 2011

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

This isn't about you, this is about me. This is a reminder to myself to wear my black with my brown--together! I got a pair of brown boots this year, the first in quite a while and since I put them on the very first time, I haven't quite been able to take them off. So now I'm committed to brown boots on my feet at all times with a closet full of black. But don't fret, they can be worn together. Here they look super cute. The brown is a bit worn in, more of an antique or vintage feel about it so that it isn't too clashy, and I think the green is just another layer to the puzzle in this case. It all looks quite effortless without having the hassle of swapping out your accessories every day. The boots on my feet were made to stay.

(photo: courtesy of Refinery29)

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