Thursday, September 22, 2011

How to: Tie a skinny belt

After years spent amassing a collection of thicker than thick low-slung hip belts, skinny belts seem to be all the thing. The longer, the better. Instead of being the perfect length to fit perfectly through the loops, these can be loose, and kind of undone, that's part of the appeal. If you only knew how much time I've spent getting new holes punched into belts so they'd lie perfectly flat, I still find this new way of "finishing" the belt quite funny. Doesn't matter how long the end is, you simply tuck it over and around and voila. Literally, that easy. It helps that these belts are all super skinny so it doesn't create any bulk and it's super easy to maneuver. It's undone while still look chic and easy and quite possibly perfect.

(photos: courtesy of Gap)

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