Thursday, January 12, 2012

SPOTTED: New from TEXTILE Elizabeth and James

Ughhh, could you just? I have to admit my Jimi Jeans from Textile by Elizabeth and Jeans that I got when I interviewed MK & A are the epitome of comfort. I thought the flare would be too exaggerated, the rise too low. But instead their just about perfect. This time around I see one pair of those signature flares but now I see a ton of pairs of printed jeans. I don't know if I would wear them but I love that they're new and different when every other denim brand is showing the exact same thing season in and out. The skinny fits are perfect matched with drapey tees which are nearly always my silhouette of choice. Perfectly done and I can't wait to see these colors and textures in real life. Could be the next big thing. Are these two ever wrong?

(photos: courtesy of Fashionista)

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