Sunday, August 21, 2011

Overused Term: Arm Candy

If you read any blog these days, and I mean any blog, the latest phrase is arm candy. And I mean everyone is talking about it. It's how they're referring to stacks and stacks of bracelets that everyone is piling on and you know how I love me some bracelets. So I was really excited to see that the girls of Bauble Bar (from my alma mater, no less) are in the trend and they seem to be doing gangbusters, too. Take a look at the stacks they've got going. It's 100% worth checking out their site and I love the different metal finishes and types of bracelets they stack together. Tends to make things more interesting. Love just even looking at the picture as a way of seeing what I probably should be doing. My arm party hasn't been raging lately, so I think this may just get me back on the bandwagon.

(photo: courtesy of Honestly WTF)

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