Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Color Combo: Orange + Mint

Simply put, this picture has no real relevance to me. But it did catch my eye when I saw how chic the unexpected color combo looked. That mint green color is a Spring and Summer staple, from nails to sweet chiffon designs. The orange is all about Fall with deep undertones and rich contrasts. Put together they are an ode to transitional dressing and they actually look quite nice together. I wouldn't necessarily do it the other way around though, aka I like the cableknit orange sweater on top and the flowy mint skirt on the bottom. I think each work perfectly in their designated shape here and I think the sweater is the perfect match to the breezy skirt. Structured meets flowy looseness is perfection...and executed so perfectly here!

(photo: courtesy of Lucky Magazine)

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