Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Going All The Way

As seriously as I may take myself sometimes (I am a Virgo, give me a break), I do envy those who can approach fashion with a bit of lighthearted whimsy. Looking at this double-breasted button down sweater at first glance and I'd say it's pretty over-the-top feminine. It's almost cutesy with the small sweet collar and poufy short sleeves. There's something very "young" about it. My immediate inclination would be to rough it up a bit. Pair it with some great flared denim, or even a leather skirt with booties. But this blogger takes it the completely opposite direction and wears a bow in her hair instead. I love that she does exactly the opposite of what I ever would have imagined and she pulls it off so well. Instead of adding a rough, masculine touch, she goes all out feminine and I think succeeds in a major way. So if you're wearing something uber-femme, why not go all the way? Rocking a blazer? Throw on a jeweled bowtie or collared necklace. I think the further you go, the cooler it can look--and the more successful you can be!

(photos: courtesy of Sea of Shoes)

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