Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Perfect Summer-to-Fall Uniform

There comes a time in a woman's life, when she realizes what her "uniform" is. Right now, if I'm going to opt for a dress or skirt, I kind of prefer something that's either mid-shin length or to the floor, better to hide my pasty legs with. SO whenever I see a picture of a dress that's long that I like, I immediately bookmark it. Such is the case with this model shot, wearing something that actually is a repurposed wedding dress. Tres cool indeed. The neckline is high and the hem is long but I like that even this light color would be superb in Fall. I'd pair my uber-old Theory curduroy blazer from 2001 and go for an east coast professor look. Some ankle boots in a great shade of rust or brown would round out the look quite nicely. Plus, seeing it here with sandals, it proves it's a seasonless style. Simply put, j'adore.

(photo: courtesy of Altamira)

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