Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to Wear: Sheer Tops

So more and more I'll absolutely love a top and then I'll pull it out from the rack and realize it is entirely sheer. But maybe there's a way to wear sheer shirts and blouses while still being tasteful and I think I just realized what it is. Take this photo as an example. If you're not going to cover up with a sweater or blazer, I say go for a bra or undergarment that is almost retro in shape and structure. Her bra looks almost '50s swimsuit. It covers way more skin and reaches a bit lower on her abdomen, giving her a bit more coverage and striking a nice balance against the sheer top. Going for something a bit more conventionally covered is not what we're used to--or inclined--to do, and so I think it's actually quite striking underneath something sheer.

(photo: courtesy of The Sartorialist)

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