Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to Wear: Red Pants

As much as I long to wear chic dresses when I go out at night, the truth is that pants have served me well. I often end up in the same pair of tailored black trousers with an ankle length that let me showcase some of my favorite heels if my feet allow. So the more great pants I can find these days, the better. This pretty pic caught my eye for the vibrant color found straight off the streets of downtown LA (I swear). This FIDM student wears wide-legged pants in the most classic, simplistic way. Somehow they don't overwhelm here and because the rest of her look is so undone, it works. A reminder to bring some red into my look, especially as the holidays draw near, especially in the form of some totally chic pants.

(photo: courtesy of Racked LA)

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