Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Cut Is Coming To Newstands!

Here's what I call making lemonade out of lemons. Upon hearing the news that New York Magazine was reducing their frequency from 1x/week to 2x/month, I was rightfully upset. Since living in Manhattan, the weekly has become one of my favorite go-to's. But, to ease the blow, there's also news that The Cut, a website no fashion fiend should be without, is going to now Cut coverage in each magazine, with what's hinted at as 6 dedicated pages to our favorite news, snarky gossip, and sartorial coverage. We're hoping the result is as well-executed as that of Style.com/PRINT which is a collectible each and every time it hits newsstands. Eagerly awaiting the new arrival.

(photo: courtesy of The Cut)

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