Friday, August 2, 2013

How To: Stack Jewelry

Ah, stacked jewelry. It looks so fresh for summer on tan skin. Though I don't have tan skin I can still get in on the game. Sterling is making a major play right now but since I'm more pale, I'm still opting for yellow and rose gold hues. If i'm choosing to stack, I'm going to wear bigger rings on my index finger and if I'm wearing two on one finger I'll start with a bigger one at the base and work my way up to a daintier style up top. If I'm stacking bracelets it's a free for all because they flop around all day anyway. As for the necklaces, the shorter necklaces should be worn closer to the neck--these can be delicate or bolder chokers. The longer ones are where you can bring in pendants, charms or other identifying elements.

(photo: courtesy of Sous Style)

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