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Repost: Inspired by Eva Chen

In honor of her recent appointment as Editor in Chief of Lucky Magazine, I thought I'd repost an interview I'd done with Eva Chen, then of Teen Vogue. Amazed at her success and how timeless her advice and know-how still stands.

From 12/12/10
I kinda maybe sorta already caught up with her via Twitter (which doesn't really count), so I'd thought I'd make it official. I've been obsessed with Eva Chen's style for some time and thought all of my readers would love to hear what this Teen Vogue Beauty + Health Director (and major style star) has on her radar right now. (Because let's be honest, I may be 28 but I am still LOVE reading Teen Vogue.) She spends her days writing up the latest makeup and beauty products, but don't be fooled---Eva is all about fashion. Read on to find out what's on her list, how she mixes high and low, and her top tips for finding your own great style!

(photo: courtesy of Eva Chen)

Q) When did you first realize you were into fashion?
A) I've always been surrounded by fashion—I grew up in New York City in Greenwich Village in the 80s! As a little girl, I remember walking down lower Fifth Avenue to school and seeing Mohawk-bedecked punk rock kids and being utterly baffled and transfixed! (Perhaps that's why I have a soft spot for leather jackets and studs now?). I also am fortunate enough to have a very, very fashion-obsessed mom. Rather than have me read traditional youth publications growing up, I was perusing Vogue and Bazaar! If only Teen Vogue had existed when I was a teen...

Q) You have a very distinct aesthetic, how have you developed it over the years?
A) Honestly, I very much still feel like I'm learning about fashion. It changes every day—especially when you work at Teen Vogue! I'm constantly finding quirky cool pieces hanging on the racks in the hallways, and am inspired by my peers. So I guess my look is a perpetual work in progress. I will say that in recent years I stopped wearing or dressing to what are trends, and really just wear whatever I want. I suppose that's my aesthetic now!

Q) Favorite place to shop?
A) Paris, without a doubt! I love their fast fashion brands: Sandro, Maje, The Kooples. Stateside, I love Barneys, Bergdorfs, Shopbop, Net-a-porter...  (ok, how are we not best friends?)

Q) Best fashion advice you ever received?
A) My mom is such a great shopper—I learned from her that if you see something you love, and it's made beautifully, and you don't think you can live without it, well...You should buy it! Her shopping methodology has gotten me in trouble with Amex more than once, ahem.

Q) Love that you mix high and low, what's your advice for pulling it off?
A)  tend to spend on a considerable fortune on bags, a small fortune on shoes, and as little as possible on most clothes, barring the odd statement piece or two. Shoes and bags are clinchers for any outfit! I also feel like a Serious Watch is a must-have. My favorites are Hermes and Cartier—they make me feel more grown-up! (I told you investment pieces were important!) 

Q) Each morning when you stare in the closet, how do you decide what you're going to wear?
A) The first thing I do when I wake up is check I love fashion, I love clothes, but I hate being cold! I usually start with one piece—a skirt, a pair of shoes—and build an outfit from there! (Functional fashion is key)

Q) How would you describe your sense of style?
A) Evolving. (BTW, totally relatable)

Q) What piece of clothing or look gives you the most confidence?
A) Impossibly high heels that I can actually walk comfortably in. Burberry Prorsum has had great shoes for a few seasons now...

Q) Any advice for young women trying to develop their own sense of style?
A) Don't be afraid to take risks. You're only young once—and everything looks good when you have a fearless attitude. 

Amazing advice from a total style star! Thank you Eva, you are SO inspiring!

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