Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All-Natural Skincare

I know I really know nothing about most things but I've been on a new natural skincare kick that has gotten me quite obsessed. I spend most of my time smelling the original musk and coriander lotions at Kiehl's, but when it comes to buying time, I'm trying to go paraben-free, which means I'm loading up at Whole Foods actually. This new-to-me line, Ren Skincare has become a favorite. The sweet, natural smells are just that-- you just know no chemicals have been used. I feel great every time I slather on my new serum or a radiance mask and feel good about buying the products too. I'm also really loving Weleda, also Whole Foods available. Seriously guys, get on the wagon. Loving the ride.

(photo: courtesy of Into The Gloss)

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  1. You want something natural for your skin? My skin has started looking so much better since using moisturizing cleanser from Apothederm. I think every woman should use it! It’s THAT good!